We help visionaries use the web to grow their ventures

Quarterdeck is a team of digital entrepreneurs with deep experience in design, development, and data.

What we do


Selling on the web is hard, and doing it really well is harder still. We build high performing ecommerce sites that utilize best practices to drive growth, boost ROI, and build phenomenal brands.


Need someone to build a customized software solution? We build software on modern, best-in-class platforms that are designed for accessibility, flexibility, and performance.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI is about much more than style. Great UX/UI guides users through digital experiences that are intuitive and delightful, leaving them excited about your product.


Measurement is one of the web’s best features, and it’s a critical component for iterating and scaling ventures. We make sure you have the actionable intelligence you need to make well-informed decisions.

Technical Marketing

The days of simple digital ads are long gone. Today’s marketing is increasingly technical, with platforms that require sophistication and thoughtfulness. We work with ventures to get the most out of their marketing budgets.

Digital Strategy

The riskiest part of any project isn’t building the thing – it’s making sure that it’s the right thing. We work closely with teams to make sure that their digital strategy links to their overall strategy, so that they not only get a great solution, they get the right solution for their needs.


At heart, we’re entrepreneurs and business-builders who love using the web to help move ventures forward. We work with larger established companies as well as small startups who have a web problem to solve. Need a brand refresh or a new website? Look no further. Want better data to boost conversions? We can do that too. Our backgrounds are diverse and multifaceted – which, truth be told – is a lot like the web itself. Good fit.

How We’ve Made An Impact

We love partnering with talented and innovative organizations to move their digital strategy forward. The industries and specific challenges vary, of course, but the common approach that runs through our work is the following: a rigorous analysis of the problem, a thoughtful, well-articulated strategy, and a commitment to building a great digital solution. The results – we hope – speak for themselves.

Happy Clients

"We engaged Quarterdeck initially to deepen the functionality of our website. The quality and speed of their work was so impressive that they have now built fantastic custom solutions for our invoicing and inventory management systems which seamlessly integrate with payment processing. Our investment in their work pays dividends daily and has freed up hours a day of staff time. "

Sean Blanchet

CEO, Revere Auctions

"Working with Quarterdeck was everything you’d want from a thought-partner – creative ideas, strategic advice and above all, a structured yet fun engagement! Quarterdeck helped us shape the branding of our “startup within a large company” – one of our few direct to consumer brands. They led the team through ideation, prioritization and selection of the brand identity while building trust and buy-in from all stakeholders. We came away from the engagement having thought more deeply about the value proposition of what we were building and an overall richer understanding of what our idea could mean to consumers. It was like corporate therapy, but with tangible impact!"

Shilpa Bisaria

Senior Director, Strategy and Ops, Turner (a Warner Media company)

"Quarterdeck was the perfect solution for our startup. Their insight, experience and most importantly, can-do attitude, helped direct us in understanding all the elements of our digital strategy we needed to address. Their turn around time was fast and sense of humor was invaluable. I would highly recommend them!"

MJ Viederman

CEO, Wrapt

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