Rigorous. Strategic. Multidisciplinary.

At heart, we’re entrepreneurs and business-builders who love using the web to help move ventures forward. We work with larger established companies as well as small startups who have a web problem to solve. Need a brand refresh or a new website? Look no further. Want better data to boost conversions? We can do that too. Our backgrounds are diverse and multifaceted – which, truth be told – is a lot like the web itself. Good fit.

Chelsea Acosta Patel

Designer, anthropologist, and strategist, Chelsea plays at the collision of design and business. She relishes transforming ambiguity into clarity through images and plain ol’ English. She thinks human-centered-design is a buzzword (what else would we design for, rocks?). A hockey goalie at heart, she keeps her cool through any situation… except unexpectedly running out of coffee beans. Chelsea is a graduate of Cornell and holds an MBA from Yale.

Jonas Clark

Serial entrepreneur, developer, former Dean at Harvard, Jonas has worn many hats over the years. He loves supporting mission-driven organizations and startups. And writing code. And working with great people to solve problems. When not in front of his computer he’s usually rustling up coffee (good bet) or perhaps headed out for a run (somewhat less good bet). He’s also passionate about web technology, innovation, and strategy. Jonas holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Haverford College and Harvard, respectively, and received his MBA from Yale.

Amanda Rinderle

Strategy guru, entrepreneur, and former consultant, Amanda thrives on cutting through the chaos and creating great solutions for small and large problems alike. She was also solving big data problems before it was cool and also knows her way around a variety of tech stacks. When not helping clients solve thorny problems, you can find her running or taking photographs. Amanda is a graduate of Princeton and holds an MBA from Yale.


Finn, our silent partner, has mastered being able to weigh in throughout the day, and gracefully fall asleep during the most riveting parts of the conversation.

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